About Us

Bicester Buildings Ltd. are a property management company that has a wide range of offices and light industrial units within its portfolio. The company was founded in 1995 and took over the management of commercial units and offices previously administered by their sister company Sound Service (Oxford) Ltd that are now involved in the stocking and supply of soundproofing materials.  Most of the offices are located at Spinners Court in Witney and are in a Grade 2 listed building in a picturesque setting just beyond the water meadows. They are above the flood line for those that do not want to get their feet wet and there is ample parking space.

The industrial units and some office space is at Crawley Mill, one of the old Witney Blanket Mills located on the River Windrush, another picturesque setting just outside Crawley, a village on the outskirts of Witney. Access is good for most types of transport including heavy lorries. For those that do not like a roof over their heads, there is also outside yard space that is ideal for storage of materials not suited to the units normally available.

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