Crawley Mill, Witney


  • 49 Units with offices and outdoor spaces in various sizes
  • 5 minutes drive from Witney town centre
  • Flexible renting terms
  • car parking available

Crawley Mill is where the blankets used to be washed, died and had the pile raised on them before shipping back to the main factory in Witney for finishing and wrapping.  The oldest part of the mill that straddles the river is grade 2 listed and the first floor comprises offices that give exceptional views up and down the river whereas the ground floor is workshops and storage.  The rest of the mill estate comprises several buildings that are now mainly workshops and storage.  In addition, there are several outside fenced yards that is mostly used for outside storage although a stonemason occupies one of them and there is more than sufficient car parking for all units and outside space.  In total there are 49 units including three office suites and 17 outside Bays.  Office space varies from 266ft2 up to 943ft2 so is ideal for both small business with one or two people and larger business employing more staff.

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Read more about the history of this amazing location here


Download the Crawley Mill Rental Agreement here

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